La Manif Pour Tous Condemns Attempts to Intimidate Its Spokesmen

Less than two days before a historic demonstration against the civilisational upheaval that is Taubira's law, La Manif Pour Tous asks the French to rally massively and peacefully.

The spokesmen of La Manif Pour Tous, and Frigide Barjot in particular, are being threatened more and more frequently.

Besides Frigide, Xavier Bongibault, Laurence Tcheng, and Tugdual Derville have been handed over to public prosecution on Act Up's "Mur des homophobes" ("Wall of Homophobes"), though they have always displayed their wish to defend homosexuals' just place in society. 

La Manif Pour Tous has firmly anchored its fight in determined pacifism. Hence, it condemns all pressure, insults, threats against its spokesmen. In a democratic state, intimidation is intolerable. 

It reaffirms its support for Frigide Barjot and all its spokesmen, and praises their great courage in the passionate debate that Mr. Hollande and his government spawned through a deliberate lack of concertation and dialogue. 

La Manif Pour Tous, as usual, will provide experienced security staff, volunteers as well as professionals, for the demonstration, so that all protesters can march and express themselves peacefully, just like in each of its events.  

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