All in Paris February 2, 2014!

Thank you for coming and see you in Paris on Feb. 2, 2014! 



More than 30 000 answered the call this afternoon in Versailles. Thousands also came to demonstrations in Blois and Montpellier to say NO TO FAMILIPHOBIA! 

No to the liberalization of MAP, to the legalization of surrogate motherhood which would create orphans from birth, no to gender ideology, no to fiscal bludgeoning.. the family is under attack today. We must continue to fight with the calm and determination which have been the hallmarks of our demonstrations for more than a year.  

We will see you in Paris on February 2, and in the different European Capitals for a great day of demonstrations. No one must miss the call to oppose, together, the LGBT agenda which will be presented to the EU!


Save the date now, and spread the word. 


We need you. We need everyone of us so that the next "Manif Pour Tous" in Paris can be a success!


We will not give up! Never!




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